Oh no they didn’t!!

I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I have walked away from a conversation thinking that. Then I spend a huge amount of time trying to process what I think just happened and replaying scenarios in my head like scenes from a really bad movie. Sometimes I confront the person only to find out what I heard was no where near what they said or how they meant to say it but just the way I took it because of some insecurity I had or the mood I was in.

I know it’s not just me because many times I have been confronted by people telling me the many ways I upset them or hurt their feelings when I had no clue. As “mature” Christians we are taught we shouldn’t take offense but is it really offense or a bona fide true reason to be ticked off or is it that horrible nasty “negative mind chatter”. You know the yucky thoughts that make you replay a scenario over and over again and each time you do the tone gets worse and your anger or hurt increases. Then you see the person and they act like nothing ever happened and you get even madder that they don’t justify feelings that they don’t know you have. And you walk away again-OH NO THEY DIDN’T just walk right up to me like nothing ever happened!

Our relationships should be important enough to us to ask and explain-this is what I heard is it really what you said? We will reap what we sow and I want my realtionship harvest to be of understanding, honesty and oppenness not questioning, doubt and bottled up emotions.  We can’t, I know I don’t want to, write off another person or relationship when it could have been salvaged by just getting on the same page and shutting up the negative chatter. Remember cast down imaginations! and “don’t hold anyone else liable for things that are really only thoughts in your mind”


6 thoughts on “Oh no they didn’t!!

  1. Jessica A. says:

    I can relate…I walk away so many times thinking the same. I find myself wishing people were more like me sometimes, but then im like “oh no that won’t be ideal”. LOL But then i remind myself God has made us like His image and we need to behave as such, and that took me a while to get cause I always thought of it as an external factor, but its just as much internal also. God wants us to love other unconditionally as He does us. Thank you for your wonderful words, your post was great!

  2. I truly relate to your post, Charlotte O. I shared it to my timeline because it is clearly presented and quite helpful, especially to those of us who fall in the stuffer category. Thank you for your post.

  3. Carrie says:

    Nicely said!!

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