Yard Sale Anyone

I grew up in the south where yard sales are a way of life. Most Saturday mornings, before football season starts, are spent driving through neighborhoods with pockets full of dollar bills on the look out for that next great deal. We ride by, we watch for the neon sign that points us to the next BIG SALE the one we absolutely must go to because from the discarded things of someone else’s home we will find what we absolutely can not live without, besides it’s only $1 for the as seen on tv product that is still shown on late night infomercials for $50, not taking into account that maybe there is a slight possibility that the fact it’s still in the box unused could mean its not even worth the $1. But we buy it anyway only to keep it in the box just as the previous owner and find it next year in our corner of to sell in the yard sale stuff.
Then there are the Saturdays that I have my own yard sale. Oh what a day! The whole week preceding is spent rummaging through storage boxes, toy boxes and closets purging anything that may possibly sell and someone else will not be able to live without. Boxes come in and out of the attic. My treasures are gone through every carefully, what can I get rid of and what must I hold on to because after all it makes me who I am. My things, the ones stored in those Rubbermaid containers, the things that no one sees on a regular basis but I know are there. The things that I hide away and stuff and store until just the right moment for the box to get dumped on someone else. The things that I refuse to let go even though they don’t add to me or my worth.
I’ve spent the last few weeks doing just that. Going through my “stuff” the closets of hurt, attic of regrets and weaknesses, boxes of lies that I’ve turned into truths, my past, my present, my joys and pains because it’s time to purge, time to release. Not on anyone else but giving them to God and He can do with them what He does. Its all about progress. My concordance shows progress as improvement, movement toward completion, those are the steps I’m taking. It’s not all at once, it takes time to go thru each little space and sometimes just when I think I’ve emptied the last box there’s another one in the back corner but that’s okay. I’m making progress, imperfect progress but still progress and I accept the challenge to continue striving to make that progress. 1 Timothy 5:15 says “be diligent in these matters, give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”
As I continue to empty those boxes I rejoice in the fact I’m not just left with an empty box but by cleaning out all the old stuff I now have room for God to fill me with His stuff and that I am refusing to let go of.