Has it really been that long?

I logged in this morning to blog something I felt was deep and chronicling a new journey and a lot of changes going on in our family’s life right now and mine personally, that’s when I realized I haven’t blogged since February. Wow! That’s 7 months, that’s on the downside of a year. Have I really been that busy to have not noticed it’s been that long?

I have spent a lot of time the past few months on priorities. God’s priorities for myself and our family and bringing things into line to only be focusing on what’s important and what He wants and letting some things go. Things that aren’t what God has for me or my family, things that distract and take away from our call and destiny. It’s a hard process! I thought it would be easy to tick off the things from my list that I don’t like doing anyway but no there are some things I have to let go of that I enjoy but just aren’t in my plan, His plan.

As I look over my priority list daily and before I commit to any new tasks and as I release old ones it’s so funny how very simple the God envisioned priority list is. So how did it get so out of whack? Who knows and it’s not on my list to try and pinpoint it either because it doesn’t matter now. What does matter is coming back full circle to where I should be and focusing on what He has for me.

My husband and I spent a week on vacation together 2 weeks ago and I thought-has it really been that long since we spent quality time together?

I had coffee, wine and lunch with some friends and wondered has it really been that long?

I had folks over to just hang out and couldn’t imagine it had really been that long?

I spoke with my brothers, my mom and lots of family and was astonished had it really been that long?

I cleaned house, did laundry, worked out, prepared healthy meals, stuck to my budget, loved on my little ones and my not so little ones: wow, had it really been that long?

Put me first, said no, celebrated a milestone birthday with very little commotion and only one break-down and realized it has been that long.

Spent time alone with Him seeking His direction and His purpose not trying to get Him to work out my plans but getting Him to show me how to work in His plan. Has it really been that long?

Vowed it will be the last time I reflect back wondering has it really been that long. Life’s too short, children are young for such a short amount of time, family isn’t here forever (as much as we want them to be) this moment is only this moment and when it’s gone it’s gone. This moment is called the present because it is just that a present, a gift from God, a gift to be grateful for and participate in.

What are your “has it really been that long moments”? Do they need to change too?