Getting that bird’s nest out of my hair!

I find it interesting how our vocabulary has changed with the onset of our technology generation. There’s so much truth to the new lingo. One such word is tweeting. For those who use this social media outlet relentlessly remind me of the birds I hear through my window. They tweet away beginning at dawn, kind of a nature’s hashtag. At the beginning of spring I love hearing the birds chirping a sweet little song or as it could be called their “tweeting”. By a very few Saturday mornings later this sound just isn’t as soothing or cute as it once was and a month or so into spring I have actually contemplated whether the jail time and criminal record that would follow firing a firearm in a subdivision would actually be worth some quiet. We’ve sent the dog out to quiet it but that too is short-lived as they go higher in the trees to taunt him and then we add his barking to their incessant tweeting and twitting. Eventually, he too gives up and just lays there and watches as they fly from tree top to roof top leaving their path of poo wherever they go and twitting and tweeting along the way.

This made me think what do I do? How do I turn it off or tune it out? For the birds, I like our little puppy have decided it’s a lost cause and keep pegs in the gutters so they can’t build nests and cover the lawn furniture so I can enjoy my morning coffee and Jesus time outside without having to pressure wash everything first.

But what about the social media? It has become such a part of our lives how do we protect ourselves? In this year of living “intentionally focused” this is one of the things God is dealing with me about. There are social media outlets that I must be on, it’s my job and part of the ministry I’ve been called to. There are people that I must stay connected to and people that I really want to stay connected to. At the same time, God has shown me there are people that I need to let go of and I don’t need their “stuff” constantly being in my face and space. This is hard! Some of the things and people I need to let go of I care about, love and some I am even genetically connected to. So, what to do?

Kenneth Hagin once said “You can’t stop the birds from flying over your head but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair.” So very true and also my attitude to not just the birds in my backyard but also the social media networks that I am connected with. I choose what I see and who I am connected to. I get to choose what goes into me and my family and more than that my reaction to it. I get to choose who stays and goes. I can’t stop social media or the people on it’s rants and tirades that make no sense and certainly aren’t edifying. But I can keep it off my page and out of my eye sight. Does this mean that if I don’t agree I delete, unfriend and block? Absolutely not! I love debates. I love others opinions we are all entitled to them and I don’t force mine on anyone and expect the same from those I align myself with. Not to mention I may be the only Jesus some people see, I don’t want to turn that off. In a room filled with light you can’t tell where the lights come from but in a room of darkness the light source is clear and necessary.

So, what do I do? What did I do? I spent time this morning removing groups that I don’t need taking up my time or energy, unfollowing tweets that are always vulgar and filled with hate and unfriending those that I prayerfully seeked God’s direction on that it’s time to let go. I deleted some things I’ve “liked” in the past without realizing I really didn’t understand where they were coming from. Now my social media sites are like my patio in the spring, still noisy but not covered in poo and peaceful even with the noise and if it gets too noisy and they start getting too close I can send the dog back out so they will retreat yet again to the tree tops.  I, like Pastor Hagin refuse to allow those nests. What are you allowing to be built in you?


2 thoughts on “Getting that bird’s nest out of my hair!

  1. ceragsdale says:

    Great post, Charlotte! I could relate to what you said about social media and admit there are times I want to delete my Facebook account and move onto something more positive in my life. I find there is a lot of negativity and drama on Facebook these days, but I am also reminded that the good outweighs the bad since I use this site to stay connected to my friends – online and personal friends/family. I have managed to find ways to avoid the negative aspects by staying more closely connected to my Christian friends and positive posts and not so much on everything else. Trying to change my perspective going into the new year because I know it will be a great one since God has some exciting blessings planned for my life. God bless you! 🙂

  2. sissielynn says:

    I have thought so many times about turning it off completely but then the other side of that…the enemy wins. The last thing we, as believers need is social media being only used by the enemy. We have to stay to keep the Light there. Hugs and Blessings!!

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